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First Impressions

First Impressions

What’s said is true: you get just one chance to make a first impression. Before and after your property is listed For Sale, it must look great.

Starting from online views, to the street, to the front door, the first impression is written on Visitors’ minds in less than two minutes. Doing everything to ensure impacts are positive is a good strategy.

We include staging by Transforming Homes.


Curb appeal is a term used to describe the general attractiveness of a home or property when viewed from the street. A visitor’s first impressions begin the first time s/he views your property, whether it’s from the street or online. In less than two minutes, the first impression is set.

A home that has great curb appeal may be valued higher than one of the same approximate size and location that does not.

Occupied Homes

Homes with furnishings and people living within are referred to as Occupied Homes. Consider hiring a professional Staging Consultant to recommend ways to maximize your Occupied Home’s potential.


In one short visit, the consultant will evaluate clutter, condition, placement, traffic flow, and how color and space work together. Recommendations will include items to be rearranged, moved out, new pieces to add, and more.

Vacant Homes

Staging a Vacant Home is highly recommended. Most people have difficulty envisioning their furniture and possessions inside empty spaces leading to a disconnection with the property; they simply move on. This is especially true when viewing online images and videos of Vacant Homes.


Fortunately, it takes just a few Staging items to transform an empty room to one that enables people to respond positively.



Make the best first impression

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